The first lessons will be with up to 4 other musicians of the same discipline, where the student will learn a range of skills and techniques from our professional musicians who are currently working in the music industry. They will be exposed to a range of style and genres in the first few weeks enabling them to understand their instrument and home in their preferred style.

In the following five weeks, the student will be put into new groups with other instrumentalists of a similar style, and the teachers will become mentors, guiding the newly formed bands and teaching them how to rehearse, communicate and develop in a band environment. In further development of the band, they will learn stage etiquette and how to turn a show into a performance.

Students on the programme will have the opportunity to perform at a live event in the city with their bands, putting the knowledge into practice and creating chances for further gigs in the future.

Each programme runs over 10 weeks, split over two half terms, with the 2hr sessions running on either a weekday evening or a Saturday.


Over the Summer holidays we also run a Summer Rock School where students can gain experience in studio recording, photoshoots, brand creation and a final live performance in their bands.

£12 per Person per Week

For any further questions on any of the programmes please don't hesitate to get in touch at or call us on 0127 582 5251