The Recording Studio

New for 2022, our fully equipped professional recording studio and control room. Whether its a demo or an album you need we can cater to your needs. With our live room and control suite we can an deliver high quality recordings for you and your band.


List of equipment

- Logic ProX

- Mac Mini

- TL Audio 16 Track VTC Valve Mixing Desk

- Focusrite Clarrett 8 Pre X

- KRK VXT6 Monitors

- Yamaha NS70M Studio Monitors

- Drawmer 1960 Vacuum Tube Compresser PreAmp

- TL Audio Ivory Dual Valve EQ

- Behringer CP Dynamic Processor

- Roland Space Echo RE-201

- FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor

- Joe Meek Mc2 Stereo Optical Compressor


- GATT Audio MTOM7

- GATT Audio MK16K-7

- Shure SM57

- Aston Origon

- Sennheiser e8355

- AKG P17


- Ashdown MAG300 Bass Amp Head

- Ashdown 420T 4x12 Deep Cab

- Marshall MG100HDFX 100 watt Head

- Marshall MG412A 4x12 Cab

- Orange Tiny Terror

- Orange 60 watt PPC112 1x12 Cab

- Mapex Horizon Kit

- Pearl Visions Shells

Effect Pedals

- Bass Synth Pedal SY-1

- Joyo D-Seed ii Delay E Looper

- Mooer Envelope Filter

- Undertone Bass Octaver

- Ditto Mic Looper

Full day recording (8hrs)£190

Half day recording (4hrs) £100

*Prices includes round engineer 

**mixing and mastering can be recommended at additional costs