Tube Microphone in Studio

The Writing Room

- Apple iMac

- Focusrite Scarlett Solo Interface

- Logic Pro

- Adam Audio A7x Monitors

- Vocal Booth with Aston Origin Microphone

£5 per hour 


Songwriting Consultation Sessions

Tube Microphone in Studio

Bring in your songs and ideas and present them in a relaxed and comfortable environment where the song can take focus. Our inhouse producer is knowledgable and experience and is there to help you along the songwriting process.

£15 per hour

Collaboration and Production Sessions

Tube Microphone in Studio

Bring your songs and ideas to a professional environment and spend time working with our inhouse producer to create high quality demos. Getting time in a studio can be tough and expensive but we are creating an offordable option to musicians on a budget.

£15 per hour

*plus mixing and mastering fee found in shop