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If Music Festivals Were a Type of Shoe...

It’s festival season and what better way to sum up each festival than in the form of a shoe. If you’re still not sure of which festival tickles your fancy then look down at your feet, read this blog and buy yourself a ticket.

Boardmasters - the Flip Flop

Okay so let’s just state the bleeding obvious here, it’s a surf and music festival on the beach. Anyone that’s ever been will have experienced the absolute chilled atmosphere and beautiful scenes of Newquay, and if you’re not flip flopping around this surfer's paradise, then you should be!

Glastonbury Festival - the Birkenstock 

I’m not sure whether it’s the ever increasing ticket price, or the fact glasto is renown for its glamping sights but there’s something about it that makes it seem somewhat classy. I mean we can’t complain because it’s this class that brings in some of the most incredible worldwide acts and performers and honestly just an amazing festival. Therefore there’s no other shoe that would work for this than the Birkenstock, the classy shoe for the classy festival goer.

Reading Festival - the Welly

Welcome to the mud pit. If you’re off to Reading festival, you’re slip and sliding your way into a good time. As a festival famous for its falls in the mud, there’s no other shoe suited than the wellington boot.

Wireless Festival - the Nike Air Force 1

The biggest Rap and Hip Hop festival in the UK, with some of the finest grime artists of all times performing. It’s fast-paced and there’s nothing faster than an air force. A shoe that Stormzy himself wears, when he’s not wearing his slippers on breakfast television.

Coachella - the Diamonte Cowboy Boot

It’s the most glamorous and sought-after festival, with celebs attending, literally just to have their photo taken for outfit of the week. So for this reason it has to be a shoe that makes a statement and there’s only one thing for it. The diamanté studded cowboy boot.

Tramlines - the High-Top Converse

It’s indie, it’s alternative and it’s a whole lot of edgy. Looking for something on trend, or something vintage you’ll find it at this festival! It’s unique, it’s a statement, it’s the high-top Converse.

Download Festival - Dr Martins

It’s a heavy rock festival, with headbanging, mosh pits and crowd surfers. The music is distorted, heavy, and drum-led, there's no way you aren’t going to end up stamping your feet - or boots should I say.

Radio 1s Big Weekend - Dunks

Now this one was difficult because if you're visiting this festival, you're just very much into the music of the moment. It’s Radio 1's job to uplift the artists on trend and put on performers that are hot right now. So to refer to this as a type of shoe would be to refer to the shoe on trend currently, which personally I believe is the Nike Dunks but I could very much be wrong.

And there you have it, pick your shoe, buy your ticket and go and have the best summer of your life! 

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