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Top 10 Music-Related Injuries

So this may sound like a rather strange one to you, but in all honestly I've heard stranger. When talking with a friend the other day, we discovered that there is a study in the UK, analyzing the different types of biscuit-related injuries. I know what you're thinking - how can a hobnob be such an aggressive weapon and should I stay away from the rich teas? Well, you'd actually be surprised to know that out of all the biscuits, the custard cream ranks highest in biscuit-related injuries. So this got me thinking, can music be as dangerous as a biscuit? Let's find out;

10. Justin Bieber - Holy S***

Bit of an embarrassing one this but hey he styled it out. You have to give these musicians credit, not only do they have to perform in front of thousands of people, making sure they're not only pitch-perfect and choreography perfect but furthermore keeping an eye out for the odd hole on stage. Yes, you heard that right, a genuine hole in the stage, and poor old Biebs stepped straight into it. I believe that's what they call a heart-in-the-mouth moment.

9. Pete Townshend - Flaming Heck

Well, I don't want to judge musicians reputations but it's very rare that they stick to the rules. Obviously, we all want to end our live shows with a bang but maybe the drummer of 'The Whio' went a teeny step too far with this one. After being explicitly told that they could not fill their own drum canon with explosives and to leave it to the experts, obviously that is exactly what Keith Moon did. And then here we are end of the show, huge explosion, Pete Townshend's hair on fire, and hearing completely lost in one ear. But hey, I guess that's about as rock and roll as it gets right?

8. Dizzee Rascal - CrAMPing His Style

The definition of cool but for this gig, maybe not so. At a university gig, Dizzee was doing his thing, interacting with the crowd, having them eating out of the palm of his hand. Then suddenly in the heat of the moment, he forgets to watch his step and completely stacks it over an amp on stage, flying face-first into his fans. Talk about an intimate gig!

7. Demi Levato - Causing a Splash

I really hope Demi had a spare set of clothes after this gig. There's one thing I can guarantee and that's if I'm performing poolside on a wet slippery surface, there's no chance in hell I'll be wearing a pair of stilettos. But clearly, Demi didn't get this memo so it was no surprise when she ended up flat on her back, dying inside from the embarrassment. Luckily she seemed unscathed from the slip-up and dived straight into the pool, no doubt hiding from the fans who had seen the incident happen right before their own eyes.

6. Pink - Someone's Getting Fired

This one is so unfortunate as it was literally completely out of her control. Poor old Pink was bringing a bit of theatricality to her show, performing her songs whilst attached to a harness strung from the ceiling. But it seems whoever strapped her in hadn't had their Weetabix that morning and didn't strap her in properly. This led to Pink being dragged along the stage set, with absolutely no way of getting out. Not entirely what she set out to do but memorable, to say the least.

5. Madonna - Come Fly With Me

If you think about stage f*** ups this is usually the first that comes to people's minds. Set your mind back to the Brits 2015 and try to remember that very iconic performance from Madonna. She was just getting in the swing of things, strutting her stuff across the stage and then the big moment comes. As one of her dancers grabs hold of her cape expecting it to detach as it did in rehearsals, the malfunction happens, it does not detach and poor old Mads is pulled backward down the steps. Kudos to her for continuing through the embarrassment with the thousands of onlookers - what an icon.

4. Dave Grohl - Break a Leg!

For an extremely talented man, this wasn't half a bit of bad luck for him. Only two songs into the Foo Fighters set, he fell off stage with a crack, lay on his back, and calmly announced 'i think I've just broken my leg'. But this isn't the best part of the story, he had in fact broken his leg but this wasn't going to stop him as he returned to the stage moments later with a temporary cast and continued the entire set. I mean yes of course he was then bound to his seat but I mean come on this is Dave Grohl were talking about, if anyone can rock out from a plastic chair then this is the guy for the job.

3. Aerosmith - The Rebound

Were all guilty for giving our friends a playful push on a night out but I think the guys may have got a little too excited on this one. When lead vocalist Steven Tyler gave guitarist Joe Perry and gentle nudge onstage, I don't think Tyler was expecting the shoves he received back which sent him flying into the crowd. I can imagine he was owed a few pints for forgiveness after that one.

2. Enrique Iglesias - What a Bloody Performance!

I have to apologise because this really was unfortunate but damn it did make me laugh. We all know what a smooth mover Enrique is, but this was the complete opposite of smooth let me tell you. In the new age of technology, it's not unusual to have drones flying about catching footage of the crowds. But clearly, these drones didn't have a warning on them saying "Do not try and catch me' and so poor naive Enrique did just this, slicing his fingers in the process. It was a bit of a bloody mess and I can safely say I don't think hell be doing that again.

1. Prince - Lean On Me

And last but not least, the legend himself proves that even the legendary make embarrassing mistakes. When you're in the zone on stage, it's easy to forget that you are surrounded by stage props and not real-life objects and Prince was a culprit of this. Reaching forward he went to lean on a lampost which in fact was not a lampost but just a stage prop, which simply toppled over bringing Prince down with it. Rookie error there I'm afraid.

So there you have it, the danger of music and the injuries involved. So next time you go out and perform, take extra care or there's strong potential you'll be featuring on the next blog post about this, and I'd really love to save you the embarrassment.

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