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Welcome to Brunel Studios! We are proud to be founded by musicians, run by musicians, and loved by musicians. When we first opened in 2019, we made it our mission to build a warm, welcoming, and inclusive studio to reach out to all audiences. Whether you've been doing it for years or are only just starting out we are the studio for you. With our wide music hub, we have 6 larger rehearsal rooms, a professional recording studio, and lessons in all disciplines, all ready to book at the click of a button. Why not start today!

“Top quality place, staff are always friendly & helpful. So many rooms to pick from each with a different vibe, which is perfect for artists looking to gain something different with each rehearsal."
“Brilliant prices and great equipment, would highly recommend. The sound isolation from other band is also top notch..”
"Fantastic rehearsal space - we used the largest live room and there was more than enough space to allow our sound to breathe. Access was easy, the room was tidy and the price was incredibly fair. highly recommend! "
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